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About David

Since 2000, I have studied a number of alternative health practices

including Kinesiology, Reiki, Rebirthing / Breathwork and Hypnotherapy. I am
interested in looking at the whole picture rather than just one aspect of
Apart from inheriting some of our physical features from ancestors, it
appears we are also affected by their emotional experiences too.

For some, traumas in early childhood or schooling colour their lives without awareness.
Hypnotherapy can bring these influences to the surface and alter
them when desirable. There is no cloud without
a silver lining and the bigger your challenge the
more potential gain.
If seen like a handicap in a horse race where weights
are used to make the race more equal, then imagine how
you will perform
when your own weight is removed. The burden will in fact have made you stronger.
I trained in hypnotherapy and qualified in 2008 because it helped me, I have seen amazing results and I am
passionate about sharing this possibility with
Call me on 07984 205811 or visit Davids website at www.djmartin.co.uk