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About Sharon

My name is Sharon Maddocks and I qualified as a holistic therapist in 2001
Without thinking about it some people can go hours, days or even weeks without any physical contact in their lives.
Our bodies release a hormone called oxytocin when we experience friendly touch, which can lower blood pressure decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.
Massage can induce relaxation and when this occurs the body's own healing power can spring into action, trying to restore balance, reducing anxiety and promoting a general sense of well being,  which is why I believe in the healing power of touch.
I have mainly been offering a mobile service, treating people in their own homes, especially if there are mobility problems or other additional needs to consider.
I also work part time as an LSA in a school which specialises in children with extra needs due to physical difficulties, emotional and behaviour issues. Touch can also be a powerful communication tool.
I am pleased and proud to be joining The Tiverton Holistic Therapy Center. I will be offering Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. 
Adding touch to your day is a simple way to harness its health maximizing effects of less stress, pain management and a healthier mind, body and spirit
To contact Sharon please call 07920 493404 or email: [email protected]